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Chapter 5: The Risk Is Worth Taking

Buddha says: Go alone, just remember two things. Don’t carry your mistakes - that means, don’t carry your past. There is no need even to repent about the past. Your religious people go on teaching you, “Repent!” because it is through repentance that they make you feel guilty, and when you are guilty you can be exploited.

A real master always makes you feel good about yourself, not guilty; respectful towards yourself, not guilty. But the priests live on creating guilt in you. They would not like you to forget your mistakes; they want to remind you again and again. They have not even forgotten the sin that was committed by Adam and Eve; they go on reminding you about the original sin. You have not committed it, but you are born into the chain in which the first man and woman committed it and you are carrying the load of it. You have to feel guilty even for that, what to say about your own mistakes? The priests have lived in great power for the simple reason that they have reduced you into guilty sinners.

The elderly priest listened in while the young curate took his first confession.

“You did well,” he told the young priest, “but I suggest that when you hear the confessions of these pretty young ladies it would be more appropriate if you went, ‘Tsk, tsk, tsk,’ and not ‘Wow!’”

Do not carry with you your mistakes. Don’t repent, don’t feel guilty. Drop the past; it is no more.

And: Do not carry your cares. That is: don’t think about the future, don’t be worried about it. Live in the present. That is what meditation is all about: living in the present. Mind lives in the past and in the future; and if you can be in the present, mind disappears, and silence prevails - profound silence, virgin silence.

See it as a fact.right now, here. If there is no past and no future, then this moment has such beauty, such grace. Then the birds singing and the traffic noise and this beautiful silence.and something will transpire between me and you. It can transpire only in the present.

Travel on alone
like an elephant in the forest.

Be in the present and travel on alone - if you cannot find a master. But if you can find a master, let him go with you; go with him joyfully.. And overcome the dangers of the way.

Enough for today.