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Chapter 20: Response Ability

Thank you for letting us taste from your ocean of consciousness. Both Krishnamurti and Gurdjieff were talking about their waves of consciousness.
Osho, are they the waves of your ocean?

J. Krishnamurti and George Gurdjieff are not just two waves in the ocean of consciousness. They are the very ocean of consciousness itself. The moment you become enlightened you are no longer an individual. You lose your ego, and with the ego you lose all your limits, all your boundaries. They are not waves of my ocean; the ocean belongs to no one. I am the same ocean as they are.

You are also the same ocean as I am. You just have to wake up and realize the fact that your imprisonment is your imagination, that your fetters are nothing but your thoughts, that your bondage is nothing but your own unconscious way of living. Otherwise you are as oceanic as any Gautam Buddha, as any Lao Tzu, as any Kabir, as anyone who has ever realized his ultimate, his sachchidanand.

We are not separate. We belong to one existence without any demarcation lines. All limitations are mind projections. The moment you are beyond mind and you can see without the mind directly, you will be surprised that the trees and the stars and the oceans.There is nowhere any demarcation. The flowers of the trees are your flowers, the greatness of the stars is your greatness, and the smallness of the grass leaves is your smallness. The moment you start feeling this universalness, you have come home.

But remember always not to put me above anybody else, just because I am your master. So don’t say that I am the ocean and J. Krishnamurti and Gurdjieff are just waves. That is ugly.

You may not be aware from where these kinds of ideas continuously come. And this is not only the case with you.

Just today, Hasya was telling me about some Korean master, Su. He is going to come soon. He has disciples. Lani has just come from Korea. In the Korean language they have published more than thirty-five books of mine. Hundreds of people are interested in coming. They were not even aware where I am, and whether I am still alive or some past master.

Not only the so-called disciples go on praising their master as the highest. Even the so-called masters.certainly they are not masters, just so-called. When master Su’s disciples asked him, “What are the categories between you and Bhagwan?” he said he belongs to the first category of enlightened people and Bhagwan belongs to the third category of enlightened people.

Now such a man cannot be enlightened, to say nothing of first, second and third category, because there are no categories in enlightenment. How can you be enlightened and still belong to a certain category? The category is a limitation.

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