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Chapter 2: Session 2

Tenth: I remembered this book but did not mention it because it was written by P.D. Ouspensky, a disciple of Gurdjieff who betrayed him. I did not want to include it because of this betrayal, but the book was written before he betrayed his master so finally I decided to include it. The name of the book is In Search of the Miraculous. It is tremendously beautiful, more so because it was written by a man who was only a disciple, who himself had not known. Not only was he a disciple but later on a Judas, the man who betrayed Gurdjieff. It is strange, but the world is full of strange things.

Ouspensky’s book represents Gurdjieff far more clearly than Gurdjieff’s own. Perhaps in a certain state of being Gurdjieff had taken possession of Ouspensky and used him as a medium, just as I am using Devageet as my medium. Right now he is writing the notes, and with my half-closed eyes I am watching everything. I can watch even with closed eyes. I am just a watcher, a watcher on the hills. I have no other work left but to watch.

Eleventh: This is a book written by an unenlightened man, neither master nor disciple: Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. But something has penetrated, come through the poet in him. The poet has functioned as a bamboo flute, and the notes are not of the flute itself; they don’t belong to the bamboo. Walt Whitman is just an American bamboo. But Leaves of Grass is immensely beautiful. Something overflowing from existence has been caught by this poet. No American as far as I know, except Walt Whitman, may have touched it - that too, partially; otherwise no American has been so wise.

Don’t interrupt! - at least once in a while write your notes. Later you will repent that you missed this, you missed that. Just write your notes. When the time is ripe I will say stop.

Is my time over? My time was over long ago; not today, more than twenty-five years ago. I am living a posthumous life, just a P.S. to a letter. But sometimes the P.S. is more important than the whole letter itself.

What a wonderful world. Even at these heights one can hear a giggle in the valley. In a way it is good, it joins them together.

Alas it will soon be over.

Can we not make it last forever?

At least for now don’t betray me.

Man is the only coward.

Can’t disciples avoid being Judases?

When it is over you can stop.

So good.Alleluia!