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Chapter 7: The Secrets of Discipleship

When you are in love with someone, gestures become meaningful for the first time. A slight twinge in the face is detected, a slight waver in the eyes is known and understood. Unless you are in love you never pay attention to such minute things; you just see a face but you don’t see its total complexity, you don’t see its constantly changing patterns. You see the face as an external thing, you never see the content in it. But when you love someone the face is not just a figure but a living pattern. Minute things and subtle changes in expression are detected and known. Even before the lover has said something, you have known it. Even before the lover comes to know that he has felt something, you can detect it.

And reverence is even more subtle than love. The very existence of the guru is a communication. Everything that he is constantly delivers messages which are caught, known, decoded, and understood by the reverent mind. These gestures, these living gestures, are a language.

The communication is even deeper when the relationship becomes ripe. When the disciple has blossomed into disciplehood and he understands completely the meaning of his guru’s words and gestures, he is ripe. Then a silent communication, without gestures, without any linguistic symbols, is possible. This telepathic communication is the secret of the relationship. It is the most secret key of communion between guru and disciple. Only when this becomes possible has the disciple been accepted. Then there is no question of time and space. Then, wherever the disciple is, things can be communicated to him.

All these things have to be waited for patiently. It is a great waiting. You can never be in a hurry as far as spiritual learning is concerned because a hurried mind cannot go so deep, it cannot be so silent. The disciple should not be in a hurry to know, he should await the right moment - trusting, waiting, and preparing himself.

In the West they can never understand why a disciple should serve the guru. “Why should he be a servant?” They do not know that service is a way of communion. When a disciple serves a guru, when he waits and serves, the division drops - he becomes one with the guru. The guru’s body and his own body are not two things now. He feels the pain of the guru, the illness of the guru. He feels the pleasure of the guru, the ecstasy of the guru. By and by, he becomes totally absorbed in the guru. Through this absorption with the guru’s body he becomes one with the guru. You cannot become one spiritually if you cannot become intimate and one with the body; the body is the base.

The disciple goes on serving the guru and never asks any questions. This is a miracle! He will not say, “Teach me this or that,” because even to say this is to mistrust the guru. When the moment is right he will be told; when the moment is right he will be taught. If the moment is not right he will just wait. Sometimes he will wait for years - even today. Twenty years may pass and he will just be waiting. He may have gone as a youth and now he is an old man - but still he is waiting! This very waiting, this patience, creates a situation in which the guru and the disciple are not two; they are one. The moment they become one, what is not expressible can be expressed.

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