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Chapter 3: The Fruits Are Ripe

Sally Hale

Associated Wire Services, Portland, United States

Can the Rajneeshees and their neighbors in Oregon ever coexist peacefully?


Peter Gillins

UPI Wire Services, USA

On ABC’s morning interview program the other day, you said that you considered yourself to be the guru of the rich and you would leave it to the other religions to take care of the poor. In light of that, do you think you have an obligation to pay taxes on the money that your followers give you in the form of donations?

Nobody has given anything to me, and I don’t accept anything from anybody. Whatsoever I use is loaned to me just for the time being. I am wearing this watch only for these two hours.

Should your foundation be required to pay taxes on donations? Do the rich need charity - which is the purpose of tax-exempt status?

Those rich people are intelligent enough to pay their own taxes. I don’t have to take care of that. I myself have never paid any tax because my work is concerned with outcome, not with income.

Mark Haas

KATU TV, Channel 2, Portland, Oregon, United States

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