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Chapter 8: Sincerity in the Search

I know many people, like Muktananda, who have nothing to give. It is a miracle that Muktananda can also become a guru. But still if somebody is following Muktananda, I will not say don’t follow him. I will say go headlong. Because that is the only way to find out, to figure it out. I will say, “Go headlong with open eyes; maybe this is how your life is going to grow.” Nothing is wrong in it. Why be so much afraid?

One learns from fools as much as from wise people, and one learns from pseudo-gurus as much as from authentic gurus. They are part of one phenomenon. In fact, you get that which you deserve. Now there are a few people who deserve Muktananda. What to do? They have earned Muktananda through their lives; many lives of karmas and they have earned Muktananda. Now who am I or who are you to prevent them? Why? They deserve, that is their growth, they have to pass through it.

One day Mulla Nasruddin came to me and he was very much worried and he said, “I would like to become a guru myself.”

I was intrigued. I said, “There are good opportunities. Why not? You try.”

He said, “Yes, that’s what I’m thinking. If Muktananda of Ganeshpuri can become a guru, why not I?” And then he said, “Osho, there is one request. You supply me with my first disciple.”

A man was sitting by the side who suffers from an inferiority complex and he has seen psychoanalysts - Freudians, Jungians, Adlerians - and he has defeated all of them, and he goes on suffering with inferiority complex. In fact he has become more skilled in it. The more he has been psychoanalyzed, the more he has become skillful about it. In fact, he is enjoying it.

So I told Nasruddin, “You take this man. Try - this man suffers from inferiority complex.” Nasruddin took him away, sat with him, looked into his eyes, meditated a little, closed his eyes, and then told him finally, “I have good news for you. You have no inferiority complex, you really are inferior.”

Now there are people who really are inferior. They deserve Muktanandas, Moons, and that type of people. There are stupid people. What to do? Stupid gurus are also needed. Stupid gurus cannot disappear from the world unless stupid people disappear. It is a subtle economic law. Your demand has to be fulfilled, somebody from somewhere has to supply goods that you need.

People think as if it is only just Moon or people who are exploiting. No, you want to be exploited, you cannot rest unless you are exploited. People think that followers are innocent. This is nonsense! You cannot exploit an innocent man. They are cunning, the followers are cunning - then they are exploited by more cunning people. An innocent person cannot be exploited by a cunning person, because innocence is so pure; in that purity he will immediately see that this whole thing is nonsense. You cannot exploit an innocent person, you can exploit only a cunning person.

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