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Chapter 2: Service with a Smile

One English lord, a member of the British parliament, was suspicious that another lord was having a love affair with his wife. But the English are very mannerly. Even in situations where one forgets - tends to forget - men go on etiquette, they will manage.

He asked the lord, “Did you sleep with my wife last night, sir?”

And his friend said, “Not a wink!”

That is my situation.

My personal physician, Amrito, has managed a CD player that plays music continuously the whole night so that I can at least enjoy music. Otherwise I am just lying down. For thirty years I have not slept - but do you see my eyes tired or anything?

My own understanding is that sleep is a habit. It is not a necessity, it is a habit. For millions of years man remained in dark caves in the night with no fire, no light. There was no other alternative than to fall asleep. Those millions of years the habit has become so deeply rooted that we go on sleeping.

But my own understanding is that I have not slept for thirty years, not dreamt for thirty years - and it has not in any way disturbed anything in me. The whole sleep is a silent meditation, and with beautiful music in the background, the whole night is such a blissful, such an ecstatic experience!

Maneesha, it is because of the fear of death that people avoid meditation - but it is only meditation that can take you beyond the fear of death, that is the irony of the case. You are afraid of meditation because of death, but you don’t know it is only meditation that can make you fearless of death - because to the meditator there is no death, but only life, and life divine and life eternal.

It is time for Sardar Gurudayal Singh.

It is the last day of the holiday season in Goa, and tomorrow Gorgeous Gloria and Sardar Gurudayal Singh will be going their separate ways as their seaside friendship comes to an end.

That night, in Sardar Gurudayal Singh’s hotel room, Gloria leans close to Sardarji’s ear and whispers, “Since this is our last chance together, I would like to do something different tonight!”

“Okay,” agrees Sardar Gurudayal Singh. “Then you try to kiss me, and I will slap your face!”

Jimmy Bakker’s “Praise the Lord!” TV church has not been making much money ever since Jimmy got out of jail. He is sitting in his living room one day when his wife, Tammy, comes home wearing an expensive new dress.

“My God!” shouts Bakker. “You know we are broke. You promised not to buy any new clothes this month. What made you do it?”

“I’m sorry, sugar,” replies Tammy, “but the devil tempted me.”