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Chapter 7: The Pathless Path

If you had responded to the situation, then something would have flowered in you, a blossoming; you would have felt a certain silence, a stillness, a blessing. Whenever there is a response you feel a blossoming inside. Whenever there is a reaction you remain dead: corpse-like you behave, robot-like you act. Reaction is ugly; response is beautiful. Reaction is always of the part; reaction is never of the whole. Response is always of the whole, your whole totality jumps into the river. You don’t think about it, the situation simply lets it happen.

If your life becomes a life of response and spontaneity, you will some day become a buddha. If your life becomes a life of reaction, dead habits, you may look like a buddha but you will not become a buddha. You will be a painted buddha: inside you will be just a corpse. Habit kills life. Habit is against life.

Every day in the morning you have made it a habit to get up early: at five you get up. In India I have seen many people.because in India, for centuries it has been taught that the brahmamuhurt, before the sun has risen, is the most auspicious moment, the holiest. It is, but you cannot make a habit out of it, because the holy exists only in a living response. They get up at five, but you will never see on their faces the glory that comes if you get up early as a response.

All life is awakening all around you; the whole earth is waiting for the sun, the stars are disappearing. Everything is becoming more conscious. The earth has slept, the trees have slept; the birds are ready to take to the wing. Everything is getting ready. A new day starts, a new celebration.

If it is a response, then you get up like a bird, humming, singing; you have a dance to your step. It is not a habit, it is not that you have to get up; it is not that because it is written in the scriptures and you are a devoted Hindu, you have to get up in the early morning. If you make a habit out of it you will not listen to the birds, because birds are not written in the scriptures; you will not see the sun rising because that is not the point - you are following a dead discipline.

You may even be angry; you may even be against it, because last night you were late to bed and you are not feeling well enough to get up. It would have been better if you could have slept a little more. You were not ready; you were tired. Or last night was not good, and you have dreamed too much and your whole body feels lethargic; you would like to have a little more sleep. But no, the scriptures are against it and you have been taught from your very childhood.

In my childhood my grandfather was very much for the morning. He would drag me out of my sleep nearabout three in the morning - and since then I have not been able to get up early. He would drag me and I would curse him inside, but I couldn’t do anything and he would take me for a walk, and I was sleepy but I had to walk with him. He destroyed the whole beauty.

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