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Chapter 2: Because I Love You

He meets two of his disciples who are going towards a village, escaping from Jerusalem, because they are afraid now the next thing is going to be the disciples will be caught and they will be killed. The rumor is hot: the master has been killed, now the disciples will be killed. So everything is destroyed and not even a trace is left behind of this man and his work. So they were escaping.

Jesus meets them on the way, believing that at least his own disciples will recognize him. But they don’t recognize him. They talk with him as if he is a stranger. Jesus is very much puzzled.

Then they enter a small restaurant to eat something - they are tired - and Jesus breaks bread. Then they suddenly recognize, because that is the way Jesus used to break bread. Something of the old, then recognition happens.

Then they suddenly become awakened, as if they have come out of sleep or out of a dream, and they say, “Is it you? We could not recognize you on the way.” And they walked for at least three hours, talking.and they were talking about their master being crucified to the master himself. Jesus must have been laughing inside himself, that they are talking about the master but they can’t recognize him.

People are recognized only by their old habits. When Jesus breaks bread, immediately the disciples recognize, because “That is the way of Jesus. Only he used to break bread that way.” As if suddenly the clouds disperse, the darkness is gone, and they see that Jesus has come back. The form is so new.no trace of the old.

My own feeling is that Jesus must have deliberately broken bread in the old way just to give them a clue.

God allowed Jesus to die so that a resurrection becomes possible.

Amitabh, I am going to help you to die. That’s the function of a master: he has to be a death. And, yes, to die is difficult, hard. That diarrhea is nothing but a mind thing. You are so much afraid that fear is creating diarrhea. But it is good; it will cleanse the body. Your body, your mind, both need deep cleaning.

That’s why whenever clouds are not there “joy and gratitude rush in.” Whenever you are ready to die you will find joy and gratitude rushing in - whenever you accept. If you resist, then there is a problem. If you resist, then you will scream, your very being will scream, “Stop, Osho! Not so fast! I’m not up to it!” Nobody is up to it! Who wants to die?

And dropping all your old patterns is a great death, greater than the ordinary, physical death. Because when you die, ordinarily you only change the body, you change the garments. Your old habits, old patterns of thinking and feeling, continue in a new life, in a new body. Just the surface changes, nothing else.

The ordinary death is really ordinary. It is not a death, not much of a death. It only scratches on the surface. It changes your skin, that’s all. Otherwise you remain the same person. Death after death you remain the same person.

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