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Chapter 3: The Real Ecstasy

That is absolutely wrong.

At any time during.?

Never. She is just disgusting.

She claims as well that the commune is broke, that all the money has been spent on Rolls Royces and diamond watches.

That is absolutely wrong.

What kind of shape is the commune in financially?

Perfectly alright.

She claims that she fears for her life. She thinks that you feel she knows too much and you’re going to try to kill her, obviously not personally, but you’ll send people. Does she have any grounds to make this claim?

She is afraid my people are going to kill her. That’s because she has killed so many people, and attempted to kill many more: almost poisoned the water system of a whole city, The Dalles. She is afraid because of her own murders, her own crimes. She cannot give a single piece of evidence that I have ever killed anybody.

And I was in silence for three and a half years, and in isolation. She was in total control of the commune. And if there was drug use, then she is responsible, because this was my instruction, that no drugs should even enter into the campus of Rancho Rajneesh. I have seen her interview on video; she looks drugged.

And the drug, ecstasy, she is talking about - she must have been taking it. I do not need it: I know the real ecstasy, I am twenty-four hours in it. Any drug can only create a hallucination. She is drugged, she is in a paranoia from her own crimes; otherwise there was no need to escape from here. She had not even the courage to face me. She escaped from here without seeing me.

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