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Chapter 16: Inquire of the Inmost

That is why if someone tries to make such experiments through effort, he will soon land himself in trouble. Never try such things through effort - even by mistake. You think that Prahlad was not touched by fire, so why shouldn’t you also be saved - and then you put your hand in the fire to see! But you are putting your hand into the fire as a scientist and not as a religious man. You are simply experimenting to find out, to see what happens. And this experimentation only shows that you still have doubts about whether it will happen or not - and so you will get burned.

That’s why religious experiments can never be repeated but scientific experiments can. Whatever scientific experiment has been carried out in any corner of the world, you can repeat it again in any other part of the world, because it stands on doubt; trust is not its component. But if you ever try to repeat what happened to Prahlad you will land yourself in trouble, because it cannot be repeated.

Religious happenings are a personal and individual thing. You can never have the same inner state as Prahlad. And how can someone who is trying to imitate reach such an inner state? Prahlad was not imitating anyone’s experiment, he was not trying to test God in some way or other. Testing means that doubt is present. He was merely giving himself up to God. He had no doubt whatsoever in his mind about the outcome: that it could not be any different from what he thought. For him, there was simply no question of things being otherwise. This complete trust, total faith, can save you from the fire.

But the situation of Jesus is completely different. That Jesus could not be saved from the cross is not the point. But if you understand it rightly, you will find that the people who really know about Jesus believe that this whole plan to be crucified was actually masterminded by Jesus himself. The whole plan was his. Jesus wanted to be crucified - this was a part of his plan. Jesus had a vast plan. But Prahlad and Meera had no such plan. That’s why Prahlad has hardly any followers. And how much of a following does Meera have?

Jesus has made half of the world Christian. There is a vast plan behind all this. Jesus had the idea of transforming the world, and right from the beginning he understood very clearly that if he was crucified for his teachings, they would be engraved on the hearts of mankind for ever. The cross was just a game: for Jesus there is no question of dying. For Jesus, the cross was just a game, but this game could be put to good use. That was the plan. The game Jesus was playing was all well-planned beforehand. People generally think that Jesus fell into the hands of his enemies. But those who know, know that it was his enemies who fell into Jesus’ hands. In fact, they never knew what was going on!

Judas, a disciple of Jesus, informed Jesus’ enemies about him. People think that Judas was an enemy of Jesus, but this is not true. In fact, he was Jesus’ most loyal disciple. He was so loyal that when Jesus ordered him to make plans for his crucifixion, he even carried out those plans. Jesus’ orders had to be carried out.

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