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Chapter 13: You Can’t Hold on and Clap Too

This is the only criterion whether the master is real, authentic - or phony. The phony master will try to make you go on clinging to him. Your clinging to the master gives him his ego nourishment. Only the authentic master can help you be free of him.

To make you free from the world is very easy, but to make you free from the master himself.. And he has to do it himself; he has to manage in some way that you start clapping and fall from the window frame. The fear will last for only a few seconds, and suddenly you are on a new ground, in a fresh consciousness, in a more profound understanding, in a blissful realization of your eternity. All fear disappears because all death disappears.

Fear is the shadow of death, and unless you know that you are deathless you cannot be free of fear. And unless you are free from fear you will not know what freedom is. All these things are interconnected.

Devageet, whatever is happening is exactly what should happen.

Most of the time I live on the surface, my ego is dominant and I think the whole time. Then once in a while, when I see you in the morning discourse, or when I feel close to you, I feel great love and my heart opens, and I get a taste of what is possible. Beloved Osho, please help me to change myself.

You are saying, “Most of the time I live on the surface.” That is the reality of the whole of humanity, so you should not feel sad about it. It is where humanity is stuck - on the surface.

There are depths beyond depths, but the fear of the unknown, the fear of losing the known and entering into unknown dark waters prevents people. They start making their whole life superficial. They love superficially, they live superficially.

There are at least six thousand holes in your lungs, but you breathe by only two thousand holes. Four thousand holes, which are deeper, never come into contact with fresh air, with oxygen, with life. They remain filled with stale carbon dioxide. Not only metaphorically, but physiologically too, you breathe very superficially. Perhaps there, too, is some deep-rooted fear.

Only in Japan have they worked to find out, for centuries.and that is their speciality, their uniqueness, their contribution to the world. Just as India has been trying to find out the center of your life, Japan has been trying to find out the center of your death.

Both have discovered that just below the navel, two inches below the navel.the Japanese call the center of death hara. That is why in Japanese suicide is called hara-kiri. Hara-kiri is the least painful way of committing suicide, because you are directly forcing the dagger into the very center of death. It takes only a split second. Everything else is far away from the death center.

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