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Chapter 22: Work Can Produce, Silence Can Create

So begin with the body - first follow the body. The body will never misguide you, you can trust it - and you can trust it absolutely. Anything that goes against the body is forced upon you by others. That is a good criterion to find out what has been forced on you. Whatever goes against the body is forced on you, it is foreign. You should throw it out.

Your mind is full of foreign elements; your mind is not in its natural state. It can also come into a natural state - and then it will not be against the body, it will be in tune with it. So begin with the body and use it as a criterion.

It is a very simple process; follow the body. Slowly, slowly the mind starts dropping anything that is anti-body. It has to drop. It is not its nature, it is carrying it in spite of itself. It is the load that dead humanity has left for you as a heritage.

Following the body, you will be surprised that for the first time you see two things happening: First the head starts dropping conditioning, and second, as the head starts dropping conditioning, you hear for the first time the still small voice of the heart, which was drowned by the noisy head. Because the head is becoming a little more calm, a little more silent, you can hear the heart.

First listen to the body, so all that is gross in your mind will be dropped, and you will start listening to the heart. It is not against the body, because nobody can condition your heart, there is no approach from the outside to the heart. You will be amazed to see that your heart and your body are in harmony. And when this harmony happens, the head is completely finished, it has no power over you. Now you know a new power, purer, more natural, more authentic; and the head drops even its subtle conditioning.

The day the head also becomes silent and comes in tune with the heart and the body, that day you will discover your being - not before it. And once you have discovered your being, you need not try to harmonize anything. The very presence of the being harmonizes everything. The very experience is so vast that your body, your heart, your mind, all lose their identities in the vastness of your being.

But begin with the body. All the religions are saying just the opposite: Oppose the body, don’t follow the body, the body is the enemy. That is their strategy to destroy you, because they have taken away the basic element from where you could have grown towards harmony. You will remain always in discord, without harmony. You will never come to know your being, and your whole life will be just anguish, anxiety - tensions of thousands of kinds.

The religions have already given you the clue as to how they have destroyed you: making your mind work against the body has been their strategy. I am saying to you: Start with the body. It is your home. Love it, accept it, and in that very love, in that very acceptance, you are growing towards harmony. This harmony will lead you to being. And once the being is discovered, then you are relieved of all effort. Harmony becomes just your nature - one voice, one organic unity.

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