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Chapter 20: The Esoteric Dimensions of Tantra

So the kundalini will burn like fire within you and the flames will rise high. Many things will burn in this. A certain dryness can result from the awakening of the kundalini. Therefore, the personality should be very harmonious and some juicy qualities should be developed. For instance, take an angry person: if his kundalini awakens he will find himself in difficulty. He is a dry and coarse person, so if a fire should burn within him he will be in trouble. A loving person has a deep chemical harmony. There is a smoothness of chemical harmony within him. He will not be adversely affected by the awakening of the kundalini.

Whatever has been said has been said with regard to all these details. Things have been put rather roughly because the art of expression in the old days was not very developed and the approach was raw. So what has been said is very true: the flesh will burn and so will the blood and marrow, because you will change completely, you are going to be an entirely new person. All your patterns, your composition, have to undergo a change. The meditator has to keep this in mind and prepare himself accordingly.