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Chapter 7: The Pulse of the Universe

Once upon a time there was a man standing on a high hill. Three travelers, passing in the distance, noticed him and began to argue about him. One said, “He has probably lost his favorite animal.” Another said, “No, he is probably looking for his friend.” The third said, “He is up there only in order to enjoy the fresh air.”

The three travelers could not agree and continued to argue right up to the moment when they arrived at the top of the hill.

One of them asked: “O friend, standing on this hill, have you not lost your favorite animal?” “No, Sir, I have not lost him.”

The other asked: “Have you not lost your friend?” “No, Sir, I have not lost my friend either.”

The third traveler asked: “Are you not here in order to enjoy the fresh air?” “No, Sir.”

“What then are you doing here, since you answer no to all our questions?”

The man on the hill replied: “I am just standing.”

What is meditation? Meditation is to be in harmony - within and without. Meditation is to be in harmony. Meditation is to be the harmony.

Man has lost himself because he has lost this harmony. He is in conflict; he is pulled apart in different directions simultaneously. He is not one, he is many. To be the many is to be in a non-meditative state; not to be the many and to be just one, is to be in meditation. And when there is really only one, when even one is no longer there.. In the East we have called it the state of non-duality, not the state of oneness. We had to invent this word “non-duality” to describe, to indicate, that it is not dual, that’s all. Two is no longer there, many have disappeared, and of course with the many, one also disappears. The one can exist only amongst the many.

Man is ordinarily a crowd, a mob. Man is ordinarily not a self because he has no integration. He is all fragments, he is not together, he is not one piece.

Meditation is to be one piece, and when you are one piece you are in peace.

First this harmony has to be achieved inside and then it has to be achieved outside too. First a man has to become a harmony and there has to start pulsating with the greater harmony of the existence.

So there are two steps in meditation. The first step is not to be in conflict within yourself, not to allow any warring to continue any longer within yourself - mind fighting with the body, reason fighting with feeling, feeling fighting with sexuality. A continuous fight is going on - have you not observed it? There is a continuous war; without any gap it continues.

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