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Chapter 2: Love Can Wait for Lifetimes

I have a friend, a very simple man. One night, we talked together until late, and what I said struck him deeply. In some context about feeling the divine everywhere, I told him that the divine is in everyone, even in your wife. I simply said this to illustrate a point, but it struck him as right. He went home and bowed down at the feet of his wife. She became very puzzled. She woke up the other members of the household, afraid that there was something wrong with him. And my friend was feeling such joy from bowing down at his wife’s feet, that he bowed down at the feet of whoever he could find in his house. The servants, anyone at all.. The members of his household thought that he had gone mad, that he had completely lost his mind.

They woke me up at two o’clock in the night and said, “What have you done?”

I said, “What is wrong in it? Wives have always touched their husband’s feet and you never thought they were mad. Now if the husband does it, what harm is there in it?”

They said, “What are you talking about? We always tried to persuade him not to come to you.”

And he was having so much fun with all that was happening around him that he kept doing it ecstatically for three months. His family pursued him with various treatments, medicines and charms - even incantations to cast out the evil spirits. And he would laugh and tell them, “I am not mad.” His family were afraid that some ghost was troubling him and they began trying to cast out the demons from him. Finally they didn’t even listen to me and they sent him for electric shock treatment. Things became worse and worse. And my friend was in such a state of unrestrained ecstasy that he began to touch the feet of any passer by at all. And there was nothing wrong with him, nothing. He was a very simple-hearted, innocent person.

So people are afraid of devotion too, because it unleashes an altogether different world. This often happens here. When I explain witnessing, people come and say it will create all sorts of problems for them, and when I explain devotion, people come and say it will create all sorts of problems. So decide once and for all. And remember, when you decide, don’t calculate the problems involved. There should be only one consideration: which do you feel more in harmony with? Nothing else is important. All other things are secondary. If you feel that devotion is juicy for you, then gather your courage and dive into it. Don’t say that you will start one day, because that day will never come. If you don’t start today, you will never start. Tomorrow never comes - and who knows, death may come even before that.

So whichever stirs your heart, touches a chord within your heart.. When you think of Meera dancing, does a tune arise in your heart, do you want to dance like her? Or when you see Buddha sitting in peaceful meditation, witnessing, when you see a statue of Buddha, do you feel that you would love to be like that, do you feel that you would like to sit like that? Which one do you feel most in harmony with?