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Chapter 14: To Face a Buddha Is Dangerous

I have always divided people into three categories. The first is the student who comes to the awakened one. The student is capable of seeing the first body, the transformation body.

The second is the disciple, who is not there with the buddha or any awakened human being out of curiosity - who is not there just to accumulate knowledge - but who himself wants to come to the same space, to the same blissfulness, to the same benediction. The disciple has taken a quantum leap from the student. The student is interested in collecting more and more information; the disciple is interested not in information but in transformation. He wants to change into a different being, a being which is beyond the mind. He is capable of seeing the second body, the reward body.

The reward body is really existence recognizing your meditation, your silence, and showering flowers on you. Existence is immensely happy when someone becomes enlightened, because the enlightenment of one person is really the triggering of enlightenment for many people. It can become a long chain, which can go for centuries. For example, what was triggered by Gautam Buddha’s enlightenment is still triggering people into enlightenment. Twenty-five centuries have passed, but the chain has continued. It is a chain reaction.

There are very few religions in the world which are still alive. Zen is still alive. There are still people who can be called contemporaries of Gautam Buddha; they are connected so deeply that you cannot separate them, by time or by space.

In Mohammedanism, only a small school of Sufis is a living part; the whole of the rest of that religion has died. But Sufism is still continuing a chain reaction. Still there are people who are awakened.

In Judaism, the whole religion is dead except for a small school of the Hassids. Those Hassids have been carrying the torch for centuries. They are still creating more and more enlightened people.

Strangely, Hinduism and Christianity are completely dead religions. They don’t have even a small stream of living masters. And they are very important religions. Hinduism is the oldest religion of the world and Christianity is the biggest religion of the world, but both are completely dead. They are just an ugly weight on humanity. Nothing blossoms in their gardens; no flower comes to release its fragrance. They are lamps without any flame in them.

It is said of Diogenes, a man of the same caliber as Bodhidharma.. If they had met, it would have been a great meeting. Diogenes was in Greece. He lived naked; he had such a beautiful body that to hide it behind clothes would have been a crime. It is perfectly good to hide an ugly body behind clothes but a beautiful body needs to be available for anybody who wants to see the beauty, the proportion. Diogenes was one of the most beautiful men. Even when Alexander the Great met him, he felt a little embarrassed - although he was a world conqueror, compared to Diogenes he was utterly poor.

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