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Chapter 8: No One Is Insignificant

The other morning, discourse left me feeling terrified and desperate: desperate to save this incredible, beautiful planet, and terrified because the odds against us seem so high and I feel so insignificant, and helpless to do anything! The only thing I can see to do is to be here with you as much as possible, nourishing my consciousness and supporting your vision. Is there any more that can be done?

I can understand your desperation, your helplessness. This is how perhaps every human being who is aware of the crisis feels. But you are not aware of a greater power: destruction is a low category power, creation is a high category power. Destruction is out of hate, creation is out of love.

You have seen where hate can lead humanity, to its ultimate suicide, but you have not seen the possibility that love, growing to its height, may simply prevent this crisis from happening. No one is insignificant, because everyone has a heart and everyone has love and everyone has sensitivity, consciousness and he can reach to the very ultimate peak of existence. A single individual can prevent this great crisis, what to say of millions of people full of love and joy and silence?

I am reminded of an Old Testament story about two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah. The people in both cities became absolutely sexually perverted - all kinds of perversions prevailed. The story is very beautiful; it will give you courage, it will take away your desperation. It will make you stand up as an individual, representing life and love which cannot be destroyed by any nuclear weapons, by any politicians. Even God could not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

I have to remind you at this point that in the Old Testament version he destroyed the cities. It was impossible to change those people; they had become so accustomed to perverted ways. You may not know that the word sodom means making love to animals. That’s why the whole city was called Sodom. And even today making love to animals is called sodomy. And just the vibration of the word gomorrah is enough to give you the sense of what it means: gonorrhea.

But the story takes a very special turn, and that’s my point to emphasize. In the Judaic religion there is a small stream of rebels, revolutionaries - they are called Hassids. They are not accepted by the orthodoxy as authentic, because they go against anything in orthodoxy, in a tradition which does not appeal to the human heart, to reason, to sensitivity, to consciousness. They have written their own story.

Their story is that there lived a man - a Hassid - he used to live six months in Gomorrah and six months in Sodom. He approached God and he said to him, “Have you taken into account the possibility that there may be one hundred absolutely natural, wise people in these two vast cities? Are you going to destroy them also, because others are perverted? Then it will be great injustice, pure injustice and it will be a condemnation to you. So you reconsider!”

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