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Chapter 1: Until You Die

You can exist in two ways. Either you can exist as a head-oriented person - you will succeed in the world, you will accumulate many riches, prestige, power. In politics you will be a successful man. In the eyes of the world you will become a pinnacle to be imitated. But in the inner you will fail completely, you will fail utterly, because the head-oriented person cannot enter into the inner at all. Head moves outwardly; it is an opening to the other. Heart opens inwardly; it is an opening to yourself. You can exist either as a head-oriented person, or you can exist as a heart-oriented person. When your energy, your life-energy, falls from the head towards the heart, you become a Sufi.

A Sufi means a man of the heart, a man of love; a man who doesn’t bother from where this universe comes, who doesn’t bother who created it, who doesn’t bother where it is leading; in fact, who doesn’t ask any questions - rather, on the contrary, he starts living. Existence is there: only fools bother about from where it comes. Only fools, I say. They may have shrouded themselves in very cunning philosophical words, but they are fools. A man who is wise lives the existence. It is here and now, why bother from where it comes? What does it matter from where it comes? Whether somebody creates it or not is irrelevant. You are here, throbbing, alive - dance with existence! Live it, be it, and allow it to happen in its total mystery within you.

And this is the miracle: a person who doesn’t bother from where it comes, a person who doesn’t ask questions, receives the answers. A man who is not curious but celebrating whatsoever is there - whatsoever is the case he is celebrating it - suddenly becomes aware of the very source, and suddenly becomes aware of the very culmination. End and beginning meet in him - because he himself becomes the mystery. Now the mystery is not something which is there as an object that you have to go around and around and see and look at and observe. No, because that is not the way to know it. That is the way to miss it. You may go around and around, about and about, but you will never penetrate into it. How can you know? You are beating around the bush, your attack is on the periphery. Rather, penetrate into it, go to its center - become it.

And you can become, because you are part of it.

And you can become, because it is part of you.

And then suddenly all questioning dissolves, suddenly the answer is there. It is not that you have come to a solution of your problems. No, there are no problems at all. When there are no problems at all, for the first time you become capable, capable of living the mystery that is life, capable of living God, capable of being gods.

A great Sufi - you must have heard his name, al-Hillaj Mansoor - was killed by Mohammedans, because he said, “Ana’l Haq, I am God.” When you penetrate into the mystery of life, it is not that you are an observer - because an observer is always an outsider - you become one with it. It is not that you swim in the river, it is not that you float in the river, it is not that you struggle in the river. No - you become the river. Suddenly you realize the wave is part of the river. And the contrary is also true: that the river is part of the wave. It is not only that we are parts of God, God is also part of us.

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