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Chapter 1: Sex, Lies and the Roots of Meditation

Sickness comes from the outside hence it can be defined; health comes from within hence it cannot be defined. We can only say that the absence of sickness is health. But this is not the definition of health, you have not said anything directly about health. The truth is health does not have to be created; it is either hidden by illness or it reveals itself when the illness goes away or is cured. Health is inside us. Health is our intrinsic nature.

Love is inside us. Love is our intrinsic nature. Thus it is fundamentally wrong to ask human beings to cultivate love. The problem is not how to cultivate love, but how to investigate and find out why love is not able to manifest itself. What is the hindrance? What is the difficulty? Where is the barrier?

If there are no barriers, love will manifest itself; it does not need to be taught or explained. Every person would be filled with love if there were no barriers of wrong culture and conditionings imposed. It is an inevitability. No one can avoid love. Love is our intrinsic nature.

The Ganges flows from the Himalayas. It is natural for it to flow; it is alive, it has water, it will flow and it will find the ocean. It will not ask a policeman or a priest the way to the ocean. Have you ever seen a river standing at a crossroads asking a policeman where the ocean is? The search for the ocean is hidden in its being. And it has energy so it will break the mountains and rocks, cross the plains and reach the ocean. However far the ocean may be, however hidden the ocean may be, the river will surely find it. And the river has no guidebook or map of the path indicating where it has to pass through.but it definitely reaches.

But suppose dams are created in her way? Suppose high walls are constructed all around the river. What then? A river overcomes and breaks through natural barriers, but if barriers of human engineering are created, then it is possible she may not reach the ocean.

It is important to understand this difference. No barrier of nature is really a barrier, that is why a river reaches the ocean: cutting through the mountains it reaches the ocean. But if human beings invent, if human beings make arrangements, they can stop a river from reaching the ocean.

In nature there is a fundamental unity, a harmony. The natural obstructions, the apparent obstructions seen in nature are perhaps challenges to arouse energy; they serve as clarion calls to invoke what is latent in the being. There, perhaps, is no obstruction. We sow a seed; it seems as if the layer of earth above the seed is pressing it down, is obstructing its growth. But it is not so; if that layer of earth is not there the seed cannot germinate. Outwardly it appears that the layer of earth is keeping the seed pressed down, but it is pressing down on the seed so that it can mellow, disintegrate and transform itself into a sprout. Outwardly it seems as if the soil is obstructing the seed, but the soil is only a friend, it is helping the seed to grow.

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