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Chapter 16: This Moment: The Golden Key

I stopped moving around in India seven years before I came here. And in those seven years, by and by Indians disappeared from my vision. People from all over the world started coming. We had become, in India, an island where you could find Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Americans, Germans, Italians, French, English, Swiss, Dutch; even people from Soviet Russia - even they are here.

But Indians simply disappeared, for the simple reason that I was not consolidating their beliefs. I was destroying their beliefs, and I was creating a totally new vision of meditation which needs no belief system as a support.

That’s why people from all over the world who had an inquiring mind, who were fed up with their religions, with their priests, with their churches, synagogues - they started coming there. They were ready - because there was no question of believing anything - just experimenting. And the more they experimented, by and by they started feeling a new energy arising in them. Who bothers about God? And who bothers about paradise? We can create paradise here. And when you are in deep silence and meditation, you are a god, not a bit less - a little more, because God is just a fiction and you are a reality.

But I could see that India had come to a point where perhaps it could not accept any living truth.

Just as people are young, become old and then die, civilizations also are in their childhood.. For example, America is in its childhood. Its whole history is three hundred years. India has a history of almost ninety thousand years. Compared to India’s old age, what are three hundred years? Europe is middle-aged. Perhaps India has to die - except that, there is no way out. And there is no harm; just as people die, civilizations die.

For thirty years continuously touring all over India, talking to people day in, day out, the only thing I realized was, that I was talking to dead people. The civilization is ready to die any moment. I had come to America - President Zail Singh must know it - for my own health, which India has destroyed. Thirty years’ journeying in India, continuously on the train, on the plane - even on the camels..

That reminds me about a card a friend has sent from Santa Fe, showing that in Santa Fe there is a rock formation which looks like a camel. It is a printed card, so that means Santa Fe must be promoting the camel. This is strange! My camels have also gone there.

I had come here because my health was deteriorating and I was continuously talking to walls. I thought it would be good to be here for my health. But since I have been here, I have felt that there are even more important things than my health. And the most important thing is that America is still a child, is capable of learning, is capable of changing, is capable of becoming really the new brave world.

I am going to be here!

And I am going to spread my red people all over America, because this is the place where the new man will be born.

In a disguised form, he has already arrived.