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Chapter 4: Learn to Breathe This Air

So, don’t make enlightenment in any way a goal. Enlightenment is the very source, the very ground of your being. You consist of enlightenment, you are made of this stuff called enlightenment. So, naturally, when you are silent and there is no distraction.. Thought means distraction, thought means going away from yourself, thought means something has come between you and yourself, thought means you have moved into the future or into the past, thought means you are not here, you are not now. All this is implied in thought. When there is no distraction, you relax into your source. Slowly, slowly you rest into your being.

Martin Heidegger has called this resting into yourself, “the releasement.” He has also called it “the enchanted regioning.” There is a region inside you, the enchanted region, a space where you are still godly, where you have not fallen at all - where you cannot fall in the very nature of things - where you still live in the garden of Eden, where the fall has not happened, cannot happen.

One cannot fall from godliness and paradise, one can only fall asleep. This is my interpretation of the biblical story. Adam has not been driven out of the garden of Eden, he has fallen asleep. By eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge he has fallen into dreams, he has started thinking. That is the meaning of the whole parable. That is the meaning of the symbol of the Tree of Knowledge: he has started thinking. Thinking, he has gone away - in thinking only; otherwise, he lives in the same place. But he is no longer available to godliness; he has moved into fictions, imaginations.

Wake up, and you have always been enlightened. Just wake up. Open your eyes. Don’t let enlightenment become an idea in you, otherwise you will think about it, and that will be a distraction.

The third question:

Where is the love in Buddha’s teachings? I can’t feel it.

It is like going to a chemist’s shop and telling him, “I can see all kinds of medicines and drugs here, but I don’t see any kind of health.” Medicines bring health. They have to be absorbed, then they change your chemistry: health arises, is discovered.

Buddha does not talk about love; he is simply giving you the key to inner change. If you use the key, love will arise, love will flow, love will be a consequence. What is the point of talking about health? A person goes on talking about health.. You go, and you are ill, and he goes on talking about health and never gives any medicine to you. How long are you going to listen to this man? Sooner or later you will be fed up, and you will say, “I am fed up. Give me some medicine. I have come here not to listen about health, I have come here to be healthy and whole. Talking won’t help.”

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