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Chapter 16: Will or Surrender?

Euclid wrote a note saying: “There are no shortcuts. Whether you are an emperor or a beggar, there are no shortcuts, and if you desire some shortcut then I am not your teacher. Then you need someone who can deceive you. I am not your teacher, so find someone else. Someone will come up who will say, ‘No, I know the shortcut.’ But in knowledge there are no shortcuts. One has to go the long way.”

So don’t be deceived, and don’t think that if you combine both paths then it will be good for you, no. Every system is perfect in itself, and the moment you combine it with something else you destroy the organic unity in it.

There are many, many persons who go on talking about a synthesis of religions - which is nonsense! Every religion is a perfect, organic whole. It need not be combined with anything else. If you combine, you destroy everything. There may be similarities in the Bible and the Koran and the Vedas, but these are superficial similarities. Deep down they each have a different organic unity of their own.

So then if one is a Christian, one should be one hundred percent a Christian. And if one is a Hindu, one should be one hundred percent a Hindu. A fifty percent Hindu and a fifty percent Christian is just insane. It is just like fifty percent ayurvedic medicine and fifty percent allopathic medicine. The person will go insane. There is no synthesis between “pathies,” and every religion is like a “pathy.” It is a medicine, it is a science - every technique.

Because I have mentioned medicine it will be good to finish, to conclude, that the path of will is just like naturopathy - you have to depend upon yourself. No help! The path of surrender is more like allopathy - you can use medicines.

Think of it in this way: when someone is ill, he has two things - an inner, positive possibility of health and an accidental or incidental phenomenon of disease, illness. Naturopathy is not concerned with illness directly. Naturopathy is directly concerned with a positive growth of health. So grow in health! Naturopathy means growing in health positively. When you grow in health the disease will disappear by itself. You need not be concerned with disease directly. Allopathy is not concerned with positive health at all. It is concerned with the illness: destroy the illness and you will be healthy automatically.

The path of will is concerned with growing in positive awareness. If you grow, the ego will disappear - that is the disease. The path of surrender is concerned with the disease itself, not with positive growth in health. Destroy the disease - surrender the ego - and you will grow in health.

The path of surrender is allopathic and the path of will is naturopathic. But don’t mix both, otherwise you will be more ill. Then your effort to be healthy will create more problems for you. And everyone is just confused. One goes on thinking that if you use many, many “pathies,” of course, mathematically, you should gain health sooner. Mathematically, logically, it may seem so, but it is not so really. You may even become an impossible case.