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Chapter 1: Sex, Lies and the Roots of Meditation

But we go on praising those very seeds and think love will be born out of them. I want to say to you that that will not happen, because the fundamental potential for the birth of love has been killed by the religions: they have poisoned it. More love can be seen in the birds, animals and plants - who have no religion or culture - than in humans. More love can be seen in the uncivilized and backward tribesmen of the jungles - who have no developed religion, civilization or culture - than in the so-called progressive, cultured and civilized people of today.

Why do humans become more and more barren of love the more civilized and cultured they become, the more under the influence of religions they become, the more they go to the temples and churches to pray? There are certainly some reasons and I wish to discuss two of them. If these can be understood, the blocked streams of love can be released and the Ganges of love can flow again.

Love is within every human being. It does not have to be brought in from somewhere. It is not something that has to be searched for somewhere. It is there. It is the very longing of life within everybody. It is the very fragrance of life within everybody. But it is trapped by high walls on all sides and is unable to manifest itself. All around it there are rocks, and the stream cannot spring up.

The search for love, the discipline of love is not something that you can go somewhere and learn.

A sculptor was working on a rock. Someone who had come to see how a statue is made saw no sign of a statue, the person only saw a stone being cut here and there by a chisel and hammer.

“What are you doing?” the person inquired. “Are you not going to make a statue? I have come to see a statue being made, but I only see you chipping stone.”

The artist said, “The statue is already hidden inside. There is no need to make it. Somehow, the useless mass of stone that is around it has to be separated from it, and then the statue will manifest itself. A statue is not made, it is only discovered. It is uncovered; it is brought to light.”

Love is hidden inside human beings; it only needs to be released. The question is not how to produce it, but only how to uncover it. There is something that we have covered ourselves with that does not allow love to surface.

Try asking a medical practitioner what health is. It is very strange, but no doctor in the world can tell you what health is! The whole of medical science is concerned with health, but there is no one who is able to say what health is. If you ask doctors, they will say, “I can only tell you what the diseases are or what their symptoms are. I know the different technical terms and descriptions for each and every disease. But health? About health, I know nothing. I can only state that what remains when there is no disease is health.” This is so because health is hidden inside human beings. Health is beyond the definition of human beings.

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