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Chapter 4: First Be Selfish

This morning during discourse a great sadness overwhelmed me. I feel so poor..There is nothing I can give you, not even my heart. Slowly I surrender to my reality. There is no need to pretend any longer. A quiet peace and serenity descends, and a warmth that is not mine follows in their wake, leaving my sadness. There is nothing I can give you, not even my heart. Haven’t you taken it long before?

There is no question of anything to be given to me; on the contrary, you have to be receptive to what I am giving to you. It is true you are poor, but I am not poor. Let my riches be your riches, and let my mornings be your mornings, and let my nights, full of stars, be your nights too.

The very idea that you have to give something to me is absurd. All that you can do is to be receptive and available. When I knock on your doors, I should not find them closed - it is more than enough on your part. And when I take you into unknown territories you should come with me without any fear, without anything holding back.

You have all the money in the world but you are poor. I don’t have any money in the world but I am rich - rich in my being. That’s the only richness I recognize, because anything other than the inner richness is going to be taken away by death. It is not yours; it belongs to the world. The only thing that belongs to you is your own consciousness, and that consciousness is asleep. Just allow me to wake it up.

As far as your heart is concerned, you are right - I have taken it away long before. And when I take people’s hearts, I don’t take their permission. Hearts have also to be stolen. No permission is asked, because if you give your heart with permission, you can take it away any moment. The heart is always stolen. You become aware only later on when it is no longer there. And because you have not given it, you cannot take it back. You cannot even report to the Bund Garden Police Station that your heart has been stolen!

The moment you came to me, I took your heart - from the very beginning. Your mind I cannot take, because your mind is false; it is just like your shadow. I cannot take your shadow. I can take you, but not your shadow.

Your heart has been stolen long ago, but the mind never becomes aware whether the heart is inside or has gone out - because the mind has no connections with the heart. And the heart has to be taken away. That’s what I call initiation. Now you have got only two things: a mind full of rubbish - even if you want to give it to me I will not take it - and a being which is asleep.

So two things have to be remembered. One, you drop your mind and allow me to wake your consciousness and you have not to give anything to me. I am so full, so abundantly full, that I can share my blessings with the whole universe, and still my fullness will remain the same. So instead of thinking of giving something to me, start thinking of receiving what I am giving to you - every moment, every day.

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