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Chapter 16: Making the Circle Complete

There are others also who go to Ramana’s place - but he is no longer present there. They think that he is dead, they know that he is dead. It is only a graveyard now, an old temple, relics. They cling to the sect. They still cherish the idea that they are followers of Ramana. They are the dead people. It is good if they find some new master - because with the old they missed. They should find a new master.

So I cannot make a categorical statement about what you are to do when I am gone. For those who have contacted me I will never be gone and for those who have not contacted me, I am already gone. They should leave right now. They should not wait for my death. Yes, after death they have to leave - but I am saying they should leave right now. Don’t waste your time.

It depends on you whether my religion will remain alive or not when I am gone. It depends on you. To a few it will be dead.to them it is dead now. To a few it will remain alive.to them it is alive now and it will be alive forever. So each one has to decide for himself. When I am gone if you feel that I am there to help you, I will be there to help you. If you feel I am no longer there to help you, naturally you have to choose another master.

And I am saying that you have to choose right now. Why wait for that moment? I may not die so soon. People like me are unpredictable. I may die tomorrow or I may not die so soon. So don’t depend on that. You just listen to your own heart. If your heart is growing with me, blooming, new foliage is coming, new buds are opening, then I am your master. If it is not happening, then seek and search somewhere else with all my blessings.

Enough for today.