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Chapter 5: In the Blink of an Eye

I am not authoritarian, but I am an authority. And you have to understand the difference between the two. The authoritarian is always within quotation marks. He is a great scholar, you cannot dispute him. His argument is very valid, supported by the scriptures. His authoritarian attitude is derived from scriptures, from the past, from others’ experiences.

I am not authoritarian but certainly I am the authority. I say only that which I know. And because I say only that which I know, you may agree with it or not, it does not matter; its truth rings a bell in your heart. And whenever something rings a bell in your heart, don’t listen to the mind - the mind may not agree. Listen to the heart because the heart knows better.

The heart is ancient; the mind is a very recent development. And the mind’s development is from outside experiences. The heart knows something of the inner, it knows nothing of the outer. So when your heart rings a bell, whether your mind agrees with it or not, don’t be worried; you are very close to the truth.

If any person’s presence simply overwhelms you .that is the only intimate communion between a disciple and a master. That is the only way the disciple can decide that he has found his master. He is overwhelmed, he is surrounded by the master’s presence from all sides. The mind may be freaking out, because mind is always afraid of being overwhelmed by someone. The mind is basically egoistic and to be overwhelmed means the ego may be gone like a shadow. Mind is afraid of truth, mind is afraid of reality, because mind consists of all kinds of illusions, lies. Truth will expose it; hence it avoids the truth.

But you are fortunate, Maneesha. If your heart says that you have found a man who is speaking on his own authority, then a revolution is possible in your very life, too. And that revolution is happening day by day, it is not something that stops. It goes on happening until you are completely burned and dissolved.

That fortunate moment will also come. It is not very far. This is a good beginning.

Before you enter into the living way, inwards, don’t forget to come back again. I am always afraid for Sardar Gurudayal Singh. I have even ordered a grave to be made ready, because some day somebody may not come back. And Sardar Gurudayal Singh is standing in the queue almost at the front, very close. He will laugh and simply go away. We will celebrate.and he knows that there is no need to be worried. But he goes on coming back, because one never knows what joke I am going to tell.

I will miss him also, because he is the only man in the whole world who laughs before the joke is told. Such trust is very difficult to find. But I warn you all: go deep, but don’t go too far. When Nivedano gives the call to come back, be a good boy!

Jesus and Peter are sipping their iced tea while sunbathing on the shore of Lake Galilee.

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