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Chapter 4: The Thread of Understanding

Nearly eight years ago, during farewell darshan, I was called forward, and you asked me the question, “Anything to say to me?”
I nodded and felt something strong I wanted to say but I could not express a word. You said, “I have heard you.”
Today I found out what I wanted to say: I love you.
I have heard myself.

The most difficult thing is to hear yourself.

Your mind is so full of others, there is so much noise, so much traffic of thoughts and feelings and emotions, that the still, small voice of your heart is drowned in it.

It took eight years for you to hear it. Still it is early. There are people who have not heard it even for eighty years; and most people die without hearing their own heart, without hearing that still, small voice.

I remember the moment when I asked you, “Have you anything to say to me?” because I felt in your eyes the stirring of your heart. But you could not hear it. You were certainly aware that there was something you wanted to say - but what it was, was very vague, nebulous.

Now it has become a condensed phenomenon, and your mind has also become more and more silent. You can hear the heart. Rejoice, and be grateful to existence, because you are fortunate, you are blessed. Most people are born with something to say, something to express, something to create, and their heart is continually knocking on the doors of their mind; but the mind is such a chaos, those knocks are not heard.

Once you have started hearing those knocks, it shows two things: your mind is becoming calm and quiet; and second, that you are becoming aware of the deeper things of life.

When I said to you, “I have heard you” - because I could see the tears almost in your eyes - that which was not apparent to you, to your mind, was visible in your eyes. Eyes say so much that language seems to be very poor in comparison. I heard exactly the same thing that you have now heard: I love you.

This is one of the most difficult phenomena: to hear the knock of love - because love does not make a noise; it does not make sounds while it reaches to your mind. It is an absolutely silent experience. You never become aware of the passage from the heart to the mind. It is a long journey.

Physically your heart and mind are not so distant - a few inches only - but existentially your mind is one polarity, your heart another. And the distance is long. But love walks so silently - just the way spring comes: you cannot hear the footsteps, neither can you see the footprints. Suddenly it is there. Before you hear it, before you become aware of it, the trees have become aware: they have started dancing. Flowers have become aware: they have opened their hearts to the new messenger. Birds have become aware: they have started singing their best songs.

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