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Chapter 33: Dismantle the Ego

Even when you love someone, you say, “I think I have fallen in love.” That too, is a thought: you think. Your love is also dependent on your thinking. You cannot do anything directly from the heart. Your mind has been trained, educated, conditioned in every possible way and your heart has been ignored in every possible way. By and by, you have forgotten that the heart is far more valuable than the mind. Your mind has become everything.

The heart is not a Christian, is not a Hindu, is not a Mohammedan, is not a communist - but the mind is. Different ideologies make the mind different. The mind is American, the mind is Russian, the mind is Indian, the mind is Chinese. But the heart? Have you ever thought about the heart? Is the heart also American, Indian, Russian? The heart knows no boundaries, but it has been put into a state of nonfunctioning.

Your whole energy has been diverted by the educational system, by religious teaching, by political ideologies. It has been forced to go directly to the head and bypass the heart. Slowly slowly you start living without the heart. And to live without the heart is not to live at all.

The head is only a mechanism, a biocomputer. And soon there will be better computers than the greatest genius’ head. It is already not of much use. A mathematical problem that Albert Einstein could solve in three or four days’ arduous work can be solved by the computer in a single second. Soon you will see that the head is being replaced by the computer.

That’s how things change in the world. Machines replace human beings because they function better. They don’t go on strike, they don’t make unions, they don’t demand more wages. They simply go on working day in, day out; they don’t even need rest. And they produce a thousand times more than man can. Naturally, man is being replaced everywhere by machines, technology.

The day is not very far away when you will be paid if you are ready to remain unemployed. If you insist on employment you will not be paid. You can’t have both the things together, employment and pay. If you remain unemployed you can be paid.

Naturally, people cannot live only with employment, they need the necessities of life; they will choose to remain unemployed and receive the pay. But the implications are very great. When millions of people are unemployed, have nothing to do, there is bound to be more crime, more rapes, more divorces, more thefts, more murders, more suicides.

Man cannot just sit - unless he happens to be a sannyasin. Either people will have to learn to sit silently, doing nothing, and let the grass grow by itself, or they will be a constant nuisance to each other.

Mind is already finished. Man has to evolve a new system of education which directs his energies towards the heart. Machines cannot have hearts, the computers cannot have hearts. The computers cannot fall in love with each other, nor can they elope with somebody’s wife.

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