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Chapter 4: Enter the Door of Anatta

“What is the attitude of the heart which does not change from moment to moment?”
The master said, “From the moment you set yourself to ask this question, there is already the difference.”

He is making him aware that the moment you ask this question, you have created the difference. Just as the question arises in you, your heart is no longer empty. And anybody who gives you an answer will make your heart again full of attitudes, answers, questions.It will lose its emptiness; and that emptiness is its beauty, its purity, its grandeur.

Nobody else has understood the beauty of emptiness, of being nobody, of being just a nothing, a pure silence where nothing moves. Gautam Buddha stands as the highest peak of the Himalayas. There have been many mystics, but Gautam Buddha’s height, his purity, his clarity, is incomparable.

Rinzai and others are simply conveying the same experience. Of course they are not so articulate as Gautam Buddha himself, but everybody is trying his best to satisfy the disciple, the questioner.

The master said: “From the moment you set yourself to ask this question, there is already the difference.”

You are no more the same. The empty heart does not ask anything; everything comes to it on its own accord.

You just look at the rains.We have not burned any woman on a funeral pyre; neither have we burned any Shankaracharya. We don’t indulge in such stupid ideas, but Pune has never known such rains as it has known this year. What is the reason? When ten thousand people sit silently, the clouds come by themselves. You just be silent, and everything comes simultaneously to you - and in abundance! Nature is absolutely ready to give up all its treasures to the empty heart.

But rather than asking the question, become the empty heart, and you will see miracles happening around you for which you have not done anything. They are sheer gifts of nature to the man who has an empty heart. He deserves it, although he does not demand it; he is fulfilled, although he does not ask for it.

His fulfillment is a totally different phenomenon. It is not filled with any objective richness, fame, respectability, or power. He is filled with a deep inner dance, a laughter for no reason, a joy just like a small child. Just being is itself a gift; a blissfulness surrounds him, a great field of silence and presence.

And this is for those who are only at the center. Buddha wants you to go beyond the center.

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