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Chapter 8: In Love, Drop the Object

My love cannot become a bondage to you in any way.

And my love is qualitatively different: I love not because you are lovable; I love because I cannot help it. And it is not a question of loving someone. Just the way I breathe in and out, and my heart beats, love radiates on its own accord.

It is possible that you will see that I love someone more, someone less.. Because you always think in terms of quantity: more or less. And your conclusion has a certain validity, too. But you are not looking at things right side up; you are looking at things upside down.

My love is just like the light - it is neither more for somebody nor less for somebody. But still, for the blind man it will not exist. For the one who cannot see properly, it will be dim. And for one who can see with a clarity it will have a different intensity.

It is the same light, but it will depend how much you can receive.

If you are totally open, you can receive it all.

And because it is not a quantity - it is pure quality; hence indivisible - I can give you my whole heart without having any trouble in giving my whole heart to many other people. Because it is not mathematics, such that I have given the whole heart to one person and now what am I doing? - I am finished!

That is not my experience.

I have always given my whole heart, because I am lazy. Who bothers to cut one’s own heart into pieces? And then to give in a miserly way, pieces.and those pieces will be dead.

The heart is alive only in its totality, in its organic unity.

But the trouble is in your wrong conditioning.

I can give to the whole world, to each single individual, my whole heart - and still my whole heart remains with me to be given to any newcomer. Because newcomers are always coming!

You may not be able to understand many things about what the situation is when you are love. For example, when you are love, your love cannot be hot. And in this world, people want hot love. Hot dogs to eat and hot love to enjoy, and their paradise is complete!

My love is neither hot nor cold. It is cool.

Unless you become very calm and cool, you will not be able to understand it. You have known only the hot love - and remember, the danger with the hot love is that sooner or later it is going to become cool. Everything hot is bound to become cool sooner or later, and the final end is that it will become cold. You cannot prevent it, it is a natural process.

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