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Chapter 6: Symphony for a Seabird

Said the bird, “First piece of advice: Never believe in any absurdity, whosoever should be saying it. It may be a great man, renowned all over the world, with prestige, power, authority - but if he is saying something absurd, don’t believe it.”

The rabbi said, “Right!”

The bird said, “This is my second piece of advice: Whatsoever you do, never try the impossible, because then you will be a failure. So always know your limit. One who knows his limitations is wise, one who goes beyond his limit becomes a fool.”

The rabbi nodded and said, “Right!”

“And,” said the bird, “this is my third piece of advice: If you do something good, never repent; only repent that which is bad.”

The advice was wonderful, beautiful, so the bird was set free. Happy, the rabbi started walking towards his home and he thought in his mind, “Good material for a sermon! In the synagogue next week when I am going to speak I will give these three pieces of advice. And I am going to write them on the wall of my house and I will write them on my desk so I can remember them. These three rules can change a man.”

Then, suddenly, he saw the bird sitting on a tree and the bird started laughing so loudly that the rabbi said, “What is the matter?” The bird said,

“You fool! I have got a very precious diamond in my belly. Had you killed me you would have become the richest man in the world.”

The rabbi repented in his heart, “I am really foolish. What have I done? I believed this bird.” He threw down the books that he was carrying and started climbing the tree. He was an old man and he had never climbed a tree in his life. And the higher he climbed, the higher the bird would fly to another branch. Finally the bird reached the very top and the old rabbi also - and then the bird flew away. Just at the moment when he was going to catch the bird, it flew. He missed his step and fell down from the tree. Blood began to flow. Both legs were fractured - he was almost dead.

The bird came again to a lower branch and said, “Now, first you believed me, that a bird can have a precious diamond in his belly. You fool! Have you ever heard such an absurdity? And then you tried the impossible - you have never climbed a tree. And when a bird is free, how can you catch him with bare hands, you fool? And you repented in your heart, feeling that you had done wrong when you had done a good deed, you had made a bird free! Now go home and write your rules and next week go to the synagogue and preach them.”

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