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Chapter 4: Unless You Create Your Face

Her question is very natural. She must have seen lectures where somebody speaks, somebody objects - raises a question - and there is a quarrel, and discussion and argument. She must have been hoping for something like that. Here she sees people just sitting silently, utterly in silence, listening. This is the whole approach here. Objecting has to be dropped. Listening has to be evolved. Argument has to be dropped. A no-arguing communion has to be developed. That is the difference between an ordinary meeting and a meeting of the master and the disciples.

The disciples are not there with their egos to object or to argue. They are there to dissolve themselves, they are there to fall in tune with the master. It is not relevant what he is saying, it is not a question of agreeing or not agreeing. That is irrelevant. What I go on saying to you is just an excuse to allow you to be here with me. It will be difficult for you to be with me if I go on sitting in silence. Your mind has to be kept engaged. Your mind remains engaged, your heart opens. And the real thing is going to happen there in the heart, not in the mind. If the mind starts objecting, the heart closes. Then you become too much hung-up in the head.

Yes, for the head I go on giving you toys. These are all toys. Your head goes on playing with the toys, and the real work is happening somewhere else. It is happening in the heart. If you are arguing, it will be difficult. Then your heart cannot open. And remember, let me repeat again - it is not a question of agreeing with me or not agreeing, that is irrelevant. There is no need to agree and no need to disagree. You can just be here without agreeing, without disagreeing, and something will start growing in you. And that is the real thing.

What I say is just an excuse. What I am is the real thing.

The last question:

Why did Jesus’ parents name him Jesus?

I don’t know. I don’t even know why my parents named me Rajneesh. I have never asked them. But I have heard one story. Maybe that will help you a little bit.

I have heard.

It was in Bethlehem. The child had just been born and the three wise men were paying their respects. Each of them took it in turn to bow and present their gift.

The first said “Truly a savior” and went out.

The second: “He will influence the whole world.”

The third, overcome with emotion and awe, silently placed his gift at the babe’s feet and left. As he passed out of the stable door he bashed his head on the low beam and cried out “Jesus!”

Mary smiled and said “That’s nice! - we were going to call him Fred.”

Enough for today.