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Chapter 10: The Fire Test of Love

A bird with colorful wings,
Whispers secretive nothings in my ear.
The phoolsunghi flower given birth in the small round pond,
The leaves of the jalkumbhi shiver and ripple.
This flight of the bird, this trembling jalkumbhi,
What more do you want? O rebellious heart.

This bed of earth, this covering of blue sky,
What more do you want? O self-contained heart.

You are blessed! What more do you want?

The jewelry of the sun and moon, a bracelet of stars,
What more do you want? O blessed heart.

You have been given so much, but because of your ego it is not visible. Now let your ego go.

You ask: “What should I do?”

Let the ego die!

Die, O yogi, die! Die, sweet is this dying.
Die this death that Gorakh embraced and awakened.

Enough for today.