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Chapter 7: Enlightenment: A Very Simple Understanding

To be a master is a very strange job. You have to convince people about the heart by argument and reason, rationality, philosophy; you have to use the mind as a servant for the heart. The master’s work is to take your mind away from you, so that your whole energy moves into your heart.

It is from the heart that we are connected with existence, it is not from the mind. Nobody can go directly from mind to existence.

Mind can create science, but it cannot create poetry, it cannot create paintings, it cannot create sculpture. And it is impossible for the mind to go into the dimension of religion. If the mind tries to go into the dimension of religion it creates theology, not religion.

The word theology has to be understood: theo means God, logy is logic - logic about God. Mind is capable of creating logic about God, arguments about God. God is not there, but through your argumentation, your reasoning, you can create a hypothetical God. All gods of all religions are hypotheses, and hypotheses which are absolutely unnecessary - not only unnecessary but dangerous, because if you get caught up in those hypothetical gods you are not going to ever find the authentic truth.

Heart knows no argument; it feels. And existence has to be felt. Even when a man feels existence, he feels through the heart. But the heart cannot convince anybody.

The man has a tremendous capacity for logic and reason. Once he has found reality, enlightenment, through his heart, he can use the mind to spread the fragrance that he has found. The woman cannot do it. That’s why there have been not only no great masters, there have been no masters who were women. Even the famous religious women saints were disciples.

Saint Teresa - I don’t mean Mother Teresa - Saint Meera, Saint Lalla.these three women were absolutely capable of becoming great masters, but the could not. They became enlightened, but they remained devotees.

And there is nothing great in being a master; it is just a technical thing. The real thing is to realize your potential and your flowering.

Your question is like: “Why in history has a woman never been a husband?” What can I do? A woman has to be a wife, and there is no suggestion that the husband is higher than the wife. In fact, just the opposite is the case.

I have never come across any husband who is not henpecked. If you don’t want to become henpecked, then be a freelance lover, then never get married. Marriage simply means you have surrendered your freedom, your individuality - everything. Yes, when you go out of the house you go like a lion, roaring. But when you come back to the house you come like a rat, trembling. It is a strange thing.

This is a factual story I am going to tell you. Akbar, a great Mogul emperor in India - perhaps the greatest Mogul who has ruled India - was very curious about everything. One day he asked his council of wise people - he had collected nine of the most famous wise men around himself in his court - he asked them, “Can you find a husband who is not henpecked?”

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