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Chapter 7: Truth Is Neither Holy nor Unholy

“Well it’s like this: I am in love with two girls.. That is, I think I am. Now, one is very beautiful but has no money, while the other is rather nice but very plain, although she has plenty of money. What would you do in the circumstances? If you were me, rabbi, what would you do?”

“Well,” said the rabbi, “I’m sure that in your heart you love the beautiful one, so I should go ahead and marry her.”

“Right!” said the fellow. “Thank you, rabbi. That’s what I’ll do.”

As he prepared to depart, the rabbi said, “Oh, by the way, I wonder if you could give me the address of the other girl?”

The priest, the rabbi, the parson, they know well that whatsoever they are talking about is just nonsense. It is for others, it is meant for others.

Tantra creates no priesthood. When there is no priesthood, religion is pure. Bring in the priest and he poisons it. Bring in the priest and it is bound to be poisoned, because the priest has his own investment in it.

A man entered a pub and while he was drinking he saw a drunkard going out of the pub, somehow dragging himself, wavering. And then suddenly the drunkard who had gone out of the pub started making gestures as if he was driving a car, and making the noises of the engine and the honking of the horn.

The newcomer was surprised. He asked the pub owner, “Why don’t you tell this poor guy what he is doing?”

The pub owner said, “He always does that, whenever he has taken too much he does that. Now he will do it almost the whole night, he will go around and around in the town; he thinks he is driving a great car.”

So the newcomer said, “But why don’t you explain it to him?”

He said, “Why should we explain? He gives a dollar per week to keep the car washed.”

When you have an investment in somebody’s illusion, you cannot destroy that illusion. You would like that the illusion continue. Once the priest comes in, he has his investment in all your illusions: illusions about God, illusions about soul, illusions about heaven, illusions about hell; he now has a great stake. Now he depends on your illusions, he lives on your illusions, he exploits your illusions.

Tantra is a disillusionment. It has not created any priesthood. Tantra says it is between you and truth itself, and there should be no one standing between you and truth. Let your heart be open to truth and truth is enough. Nobody is needed to interpret it, you are enough to know what it is. In fact the more you are full of the interpretations, the less is the possibility to know that which is.

Truth is in the beginning, truth is in the middle and truth is in the end. In fact there is no middle, no beginning, no end: it is all one. Truth is not passing, it abides.

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