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Chapter 8: Love Has No I

My beloved ones,

Tonight is the final meeting of the meditation camp, and in this last meeting I want to talk to you about some last keys.

In the mind of man there is intense tension, and this tension has reached a level of near madness. One has to relax this tension. And along with it there is much looseness in the heart of man. The strings of the veena of his heart are loose - they have to be tightened. This morning I told you of a few keys about tightening the strings of the heart. And now we will talk about the last key.

From the veena of man’s life, the greatest music possible arises in the heart whose strings are in tune. A society which has lost its heart, an age or period in which all the values of the heart have become weakened, has lost all that is good, truthful and beautiful. If we want goodness, truth and beauty to enter our lives, there is no other way than to tune the strings of the veena of the heart.

Love is the way to tune the strings of the heart, the way to bring the strings of the heart into the right space from where music can arise. That is why I call love “prayer”; I call love the way to attaining to the divine; I call love, “the divine.” Prayer without love is false, hollow, meaningless. Without love, words of prayer have no value at all. And without love, no one who becomes interested in the journey towards the divine will ever be able to reach the ultimate. Love is the way to make the veena of the heart sing. You will need to understand some things about love itself.

The first illusion is that you all think you know about love. This illusion is tremendously harmful because you will never make any effort to attain to or to awaken that which you think you already know.

But you are not aware that one who knows love has simultaneously acquired the capacity to know the divine. If you know love, then nothing else remains to be known in life. But the way you are, you know nothing; everything is still to be known.

So the love which you think of as love is probably not love. You have called something else love, and as long as you have this illusion, as long as you have the idea that you know all about love, how can you search and seek for it? The first thing to be understood is that you don’t know love at all.

One hot afternoon, Jesus stopped under a tree in a garden. It was very hot and he was tired, so he slept in the shadow of a tree. He did not even know to whom the house, the garden or the tree belonged. It was the garden of Magdalene, a very beautiful prostitute of those days.

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