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Chapter 29: Mysticism: the Forgotten Language

To me, God is not a person. God is simply a symbol, symbolizing all those values which are indefinable - available to experience, but not available to reason; available to the heart, but not available to the mind.

This adventure of creating a university of mysticism is to bring all those values back to humanity. This is not going to be an ordinary university. It is not going to teach all those subjects which are available to reason. It is going to help you to open yourself to all that which cannot be taught. It will not have teachers, it will only have openers, masters. It will not be situated in a certain place, it will have schools all over the world - I’m calling them mystery schools. All those mystery schools together will be the university of mysticism.

In true spirit it will be universal. A university has to be universal!

And its function is totally different: it is not going to teach you chemistry and physics, science and commerce and arts - all that is done already by thousands of universities, and it is all worthless. This I can say because I have been a student in the universities, a professor in the universities; on my own authority I can say that they are engaged in mundane things. They create engineers, they create doctors, they create technicians. They are all needed. But they don’t create poets; they kill the poets. They don’t create mystics. They destroy the very roots on which a mystic can grow.

The university of mysticism will be concerned only with the supra-rational, that which is beyond the mind. And there is so much beyond the mind that if it is not made available to you, your situation is such as it happened in the Second World War.

A small airplane was left in the jungles of Burma when Japan was defeated; the Japanese left it there. The aboriginals who lived in the forest found it. They were really very curious, excited - what is it? But seeing the wheels.they figured out that it is a kind of bullock cart, but some idiotic people have made it because this is not the way bullock carts are made. They started using that airplane, small airplane, as a bullock cart. Just by chance a man, a hunter, saw them; he could not believe his eyes - an airplane being used as a bullock cart!

He asked them, “Have you made it?”

They said, “No, we are not such idiots, why should we make it? We have found it. But we are enjoying it.”

The hunter was from a nearby village where he had seen buses, cars. He said, “It seems to be a kind of car. It is not a bullock cart. You just wait; I will bring one of my friends who knows something about buses.” He used to work for a bus transport service. So they brought some petrol, and it did work like a small bus.

The people thought it was hilarious. They said, “So we were wrong, it is not a bullock cart; it is a bus. Great idea!” They enjoyed it.

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