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Chapter 2: Steeped in the Wine of Love

The intellect gives you such advice: Why repeat yourself? But the heart wants to repeat over and over. The heart has never heard the word ditto. And while the heart keeps repeating, it is immersed in the nectar of his name. The more the heart repeats, the more we are lost in ecstasy. This is like the humming of the bee, but it can only be understood if you have had the necessary feelings.

At the very end Nanak reminds us not to indulge in boasting of knowing him or being able to describe his attributes, for that can only prove you to be the chief among fools. If by constantly singing his praises your ego is lost, you shall be the wise among the wise. If, however, talking of him is strengthening your ego, if you think: Who else but I could know what I know? - then you are the fool of fools!