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Chapter 14: To Loosen the Bonds of Personality

The ninth sutra:

Regard most earnestly your own heart.

For through your own heart comes the one light which can illuminate life and make it clear to your eyes.

Only one thing is more difficult to know - your own heart. Not until the bonds of personality be loosed can that profound mystery of self begin to be seen. Not till you stand aside from it, will it in any way reveal itself to your understanding. Then, and not till then, can you grasp and guide it. Then, and not till then, can you use all its powers, and devote them to a worthy service.

Regard most earnestly your own heart. The most basic thing to be understood is: you cannot understand your own nature, your own heart, your own being, because of your personality, because of a false entity that you have created around you.

We live encased in personalities. Personalities are false. They are simply masks, faces - faces to be shown to others. But the practice becomes so deep that you completely forget your original face. Showing your false faces to others, you by and by get identified with them and you begin to think that they are yours. Then your original face, your real face, remains hidden.

Whatsoever you do, howsoever you act, whatsoever you say, remember well whether it comes from your heart or from your personality. Make the distinction clear, because that will be a great help for the inner search.

When you say to someone “I love you,” from where are these words coming? From where? What is the origin of them? Are they coming from your heart? Is your heart really filled with love? Or are they just coming from your personality, just from your false face? Are you saying them just as a way of manners, a formality, an etiquette, or are you saying them as a means to something else?

You may desire someone’s body, you may desire sex with someone, but you say “I love you.” Saying this is just a deception. It would be better if you said “I desire sex with you, but I have no love for you. Your body is attractive to me, your body is magnetic to me, but there is no love. It may grow, but right now there is no love. I am only interested in your body.”

But if someone says “Only your body is attractive to me,” you are not going to be in love with such a man. You are going to escape! You will ask “What nonsense are you saying?” The false face of love must be there. Only then can the body be given or taken.

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