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Chapter 7: Give Yourself to the Ocean

And the irony is, man has never been so rich, so affluent as he is today. Both things have happened together: the inner has become poorer and poorer and the outer has become richer and richer. We have more money than any other society before, we have more medical facilities than any other society before, we have in every way more power than any other society ever had before, and still no society has ever felt such meaninglessness, no society has ever felt such a great suicidal desire, longing.

Secondly, we have cultivated reason too much and we have become lopsided. God is a feeling, God is not a thinking. You cannot think about God because God is not an object to think about. Science thinks, religion feels. Science functions from the head, religion from the heart. And because we have become too much obsessed with the head - our whole education, our whole civilization, is obsessed with the head because the head has made all kinds of technological advances - we think that’s all.

What can the heart give to us? Yes, it cannot give you great technology, it cannot give you great industry, it cannot give you money. It can give you joy, it can give you celebration. It can give you a tremendous feeling for beauty, for music, for poetry. It can guide you into the world of love, and ultimately into the world of prayer, but those things are not commodities. You cannot grow your bank balance through the heart; and you cannot fight great wars, and you cannot make atom bombs and hydrogen bombs, and you cannot destroy people through the heart. The heart knows only how to create and the head knows only how to destroy. The head is destructive, and our whole education has become trapped in the head.

Our universities, our colleges, our schools, are all destroying humanity. They think they are serving, but they are simply befooling themselves. Unless man becomes balanced, unless the heart and the head both grow, man will remain in misery and the misery will go on growing. As we become more and more hung up in the head, as we become more and more oblivious to the existence of the heart, we will become more and more miserable. We are creating hell on the earth and we will create more and more of it. Paradise belongs to the heart.

That is the second thing that has happened: the heart is completely forgotten, nobody understands that language anymore. We understand logic, we don’t understand love. We understand mathematics, we don’t understand music. We become more and more accustomed to the ways of the world and nobody seems to have the guts to move into the unknown paths, the unknown labyrinths of love, of the heart. We have become very much attuned to the world of prose, and poetry has simply become nonexistential.

The poet has died, and the poet is the bridge between the scientist and the mystic. The bridge has disappeared. On one hand stands the scientist - very powerful, tremendously powerful, ready to destroy the whole earth, the whole of life. And on the other hand, far and few between stand a few mystics - a Buddha, a Jesus, a Zarathustra, a Kabir. They are utterly powerless in the sense that we understand power, and immensely powerful in a totally different sense - but we don’t know that language at all. And the poet has died; that has been the greatest calamity. The poet is disappearing.

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