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Chapter 1: Beyond Enlightenment Is Only Beyondness

The politician said, “Now, at least for five years I won’t need it. You can clean it as much as you want. Take your time. What does a prime minister need a heart for? But keep it safe in case something goes wrong; then I will come back. But if things go well, I may perhaps never need it.”

In this world the heart is not needed. The people of the heart are crushed, exploited, oppressed. This world is run by the cunning, by the clever, by the heartless and the cruel. So the whole of society is managed in such a way that every child starts losing his heart, and his energy starts moving directly towards the head. The heart is ignored.

I have heard an ancient parable from Tibet, that in the beginning of time the heart used to be exactly in the middle part of the body. But because of continuously being pushed aside, out of the way, it is now no longer in the middle of the body. The poor fellow waits by the side of the road: “If some day you need, I am here” - but it gets no nourishment, no encouragement. It gets all kinds of condemnation.

If you do something and you say, “I did it because I felt like doing it,” everybody is going to laugh: “Felt? Have you lost your head? Give your reason, logic. Feeling is no logic.” Even if you fall in love, you have to find reasons why you have fallen in love: because the woman’s nose is very beautiful, her eyes have such depth, her body is so proportionate. These are not the reasons. You have never calculated all these reasons on your calculator and then found that this woman seems to be worthy of falling in love with: fall in love with this woman - exactly the right length of nose, the right kind of hair, the right color, the right proportion of the body. What more do you want?

But this is not the way that anybody ever falls in love. You fall in love first; then just to satisfy the idiots around you that you are not a fool, that you have calculated everything and only then you have taken the step. It is a reasonable, rational, logical step. Nobody hears the heart.

And the mind is so chattering, so continuously chattering - yakkety-yak, yakkety-yak - that even if the heart sometimes says something, it never reaches to you. It cannot reach. The bazaar in your head is buzzing so much that it is impossible, absolutely impossible for the heart. Slowly, slowly, the heart stops saying anything. Not heard again and again, ignored again and again, it falls silent.

The head runs the show in the society; otherwise, we would have lived in a totally different world: more loving, less hate, less war, no possibility of nuclear weapons. The heart will never give support for any destructive methods to be evolved. The heart will never be in the service of death. It is life - it throbs for life, it beats for life.

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