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Chapter 1: Miracles Are Bound to Happen

The time when you were in Sweden, I was just in your imagination. You were feeling your heart opening, but there was nobody to enter into your heart. You were feeling a deep fulfillment of love and joy, but that was all made of the same stuff dreams are made of.

Now that you are here, things are totally different. Keeping your heart open will make you afraid, because it is easy to let me in, but it is very difficult to throw me out.

I come into you like a guest, and soon you start feeling you are a guest and I am a host - hence, the fear. Here, you are resisting my love, and you are saying, “This fills me with sorrow.” It is natural that it will fill you with sorrow - you must have dreamt so much, imagined so much, hoped so much and things have not turned out the way you wanted them to be.

You are asking, “What should I do?” Go back to Sweden, Pune, anyway, is not a good place to stay. And at least your heart was opening there. Although there was no guest knocking on your doors, at least you were imagining love, joy; and here you are closed, full of fear, and feeling sad and wondering what has happened.

So if you are a coward, then the easiest way is simply to go back to Sweden - as you enter the plane, your heart will start opening again and you will start feeling love for me. But don’t return - enjoy your dreams. If you cannot enjoy the reality, why unnecessarily feel sad and sorrowful? But if you are courageous, then Pune cannot do anything to you. Then let your heart be open and don’t be afraid of love.

In life, the only thing that one should not be afraid of is love.

But people are more afraid of love than anything else, because love is a kind of death. Your ego has to die. Only then will your heart be spacious enough for love to come in. But I warn you: beware! I come as a guest and soon I become the host. If you are ready to take the risk.. So many of the people here have taken the risk, and once they have taken the risk, they are grateful that this tremendous transformation became possible for them.

Whenever love comes in, it cannot be a guest, because it comes in and never goes. It becomes your very being, your very song, your very dance.

So either you can go right now back to Sweden and dream your dreams - but they are soap bubbles; you are simply wasting your time - or be here, take courage and accept the challenge: open your heart and let me in. Then I will be coming with you to Sweden - and on just one ticket, two persons! I have been traveling all over the world this way.

The governments and parliaments think that they are preventing me, but they don’t know my ways - that wherever one of my sannyasins enters, I also enter with him. They can prevent me, but they cannot prevent my millions of sannyasins.

And I have distributed my love to everyone, deserving or undeserving, because that is my way of thinking. Everyone deserves love, just as everyone deserves breathing. Everybody is worthy of love, just as everybody is worthy of living.

Love is the nourishment of your soul.

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