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Chapter 14: It Is Your Mind Again

But he should not be destroyed out of hate; otherwise you will create him again. Your hate will not destroy him, it will destroy you. This is something very important to understand.

Once Gautam Buddha was passing by the side of a village. The people were very much against him, because his teachings were so new and so much against the old and the ancient. They surrounded him, abused him, used four-letter words against him.

He listened silently, and finally he said, “I have to reach another village in time. If you have finished whatever you wanted to say, I can go. Or if something is still left, then I am coming back: I will stop here again, and you can finish whatever you want to say.”

Somebody from the people asked, “Don’t you want to say anything to us?”

Buddha said, “No, because your anger, your hatred, will give you enough punishment.”

When you are angry, you are punishing yourself. You are burning, you are destroying your heart and its higher qualities, and you are full of hate. It may be towards God.but remember one thing: if you are so full of hate towards God, you cannot love anybody else. A heart full of hate - it does not matter what the object is - becomes poisonous and forgets the language of love.

It happened that a great Sufi mystic, Hassan, was staying with Rabiya al Adabiya - a great woman in the history of humanity. Perhaps no woman has risen to such heights. In a man-made society where women are condemned, she must have been of tremendous power, strength.

Hassan asked her, “Can I borrow your copy of the holy Koran? I have not brought mine because I thought I can use your copy in the morning when I pray.”

Rabiya said, “You are welcome - this is my copy.”

And as Hassan opened it, he was surprised, because Mohammedans don’t believe that the Koran can be improved upon, or that any word can be cut out, reduced, added to - no editing: it is the word of God, and you cannot be wiser than God - and Rabiya had crossed out a full line. Hassan could not think that Rabiya could do such a thing.

He said to Rabiya, “Somebody has spoiled your Koran. It has lost its sacredness.”

Rabiya said, “Nobody can touch my Koran; it is not spoiled. I have made it really sacred. Just look at the line that I have crossed out” - the line was, “When you come to see the devil, hate him.”

Hassan said, “But what is wrong with it? We have to love God and hate the devil.”

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