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Chapter 30: Possibilities of Love

He would say, “I have been cheated!”

I would say, “You haggled, you tried in every way. You enjoyed, and you were coming out smiling.”

And the man would say, “You have destroyed my whole joy. Who are you?”

I said, “I am no one, I am just sitting here to tell new customers to ask for my father. Don’t deal with anybody else; otherwise your pocket is going to be cut.”

My grandfather would be very angry with me: “Who are you? Are you an agent for your father?”

I said, “I am nobody’s agent. I simply see what is going on and what should not be going on. You removed my father, but you forgot that I am sitting outside.”

The heart will mismanage everything that the society wants: exploitation, manipulation, domination, obedience, dependence, sacrifice - the list can be miles long. Just if the heart is also allowed to grow side by side with the mind, the mind cannot manage to do atrocities, murders. But even religious leaders are not ready for the heart. They talk about love, but it is all talk, mere talk. They have destroyed the source from where love arises, and then they talk about love and give sermons about love.

There was a small church in my town, but there were not many Christians. I used to go into the church, and the priest was very much surprised because I was the only non-Christian who ever entered into the church. We became friends.

I said to him, “You talk so much about love, but I see you beating your wife, I see you continuously quarreling with your neighbors. I have seen you even hitting a dog who was not doing anything to you. He was going on his own way and he just passed you, and I don’t know what came over you that you hit the dog - a strange Christianity!”

He said, “You don’t know that dog.”

I said, “I know that dog because I also live here. He has never hit anybody. And if he bites you that will be perfectly right, because without any cause you have hit him.”

He said, “You don’t understand. These vagabond dogs” - and in India you will find them everywhere, they belong to nobody - “if you don’t hit them and you don’t kick them, they take advantage. They will follow you, they will wag their tail, they will persuade you. Before anything they will come to your house, and naturally then one thinks to give something to them to eat..”

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