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Chapter 8: A Holiday from Sanity

Superficial feelings can be expressed easily; words are adequate for them. Deeper feelings cannot be expressed adequately words are not adequate for them. Words are too superficial. When the feeling goes very deep, it goes beyond words. You can feel it, you can be thrilled by it, you can feel the pulsation all over your body and being, but you cannot put it into words. You can try and you can feel that you have failed. When you put it into words something very tiny comes up - and it was so huge when you were experiencing it, so enormous. It was so overwhelming. Now you put it in a word and it is just a drop - and it was an ocean when you were feeling it.

I can understand Maneesha’s problem. She is my bard and the deeper she goes into me and into herself, the more and more difficult it will be for her, the more and more incapable she will feel: But that’s a good sign. That’s a sign that something really tremendous is happening.

Go on trying to express - because even if it cannot be expressed, it has to be expressed. Even if you cannot put the ocean of your heart into the words, don’t be worried. If even only a few drops get into them, that’s good - because even those few drops will lead people towards me, even those few drops will give them a taste, a taste of the ocean.

And remember one thing, even a single drop of the ocean is as salty as the whole ocean. And even a single drop of the ocean is as much water as the whole ocean. It may be small but it has the same flavor. It may be very small but it has the same secret. If you can understand a single drop of water you have understood all the water that exists on the earth or other planets. Even if water exists on some unknown planet, it will be H20. We don’t know, but if water exists on some unknown planet, it will be H20 and nothing else. We know the secret. A single drop of water has the secret.

So don’t be worried. The song is going to become and more difficult. The deeper you go. the more you will feel dumb. The deeper you go, the more you will feel that silence is needed, the more you will want to sing the song in silence. But silence will not be understood by people. And Maneesha is my bard so she cannot be allowed.

So let the writer’s block be there. I will go on hammering on it and destroying it. And you go on singing your song.

Enough for today.