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Chapter 36: Wake Up and You Are It

The words will help the mind to remain engaged. They are just like toys. When you don’t want children to disturb you - you are studying - you give them toys and they start playing with the toys, so you can do your work or study or do anything you want to do, and the children won’t come to you to bother you and ask you questions and this and that.

The mind is just like a child. The words are just toys for the mind - not truths, but simply toys. But while the mind is engaged something can happen from my depth to your depth. You may not understand it, but it will start bringing changes in you, transformations in your being.

Sometimes simply sitting silently with me.but then there is always the problem that your mind will disturb you. I have tried sitting in silence with you, and I have seen that the problem is I can reach your heart less; your mind is disturbing you too much. Speaking seems to be a better device: your mind remains engaged, and once in a while if I give a gap between two words, the mind does not disturb. The mind simply looks and waits: “What is going to happen? What is going to be said?”

And meanwhile the real work is happening. The real work is from my heart to your heart.