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Chapter 2: Jesus Is Very Paradoxical

This is the deepest, the most profound possibility; and Jesus opens it. But in Christianity it is lost. Christianity started to weave theories around it, it became a head affair: not only a heart affair, it became a head affair. Christians have produced great theologians. Look at Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica, hundreds of volumes of theology. But they missed because Jesus is not in the head. And because of these head-oriented theologians, mystics who were of the heart, who were a little deeper, were expelled from the church. Eckhart and Francis were expelled. They were thought fools, or to have gone mad, or to be heretics because they were talking of the heart, they were talking of love.

But Jesus is missed by both. He is neither head-oriented nor heart-oriented; he is not oriented at all. He says, simply throw all orientations, throw all that is without and come to the innermost core where only you are, where only the being throbs, where only existence is. You can come to this, and if you come to this, then every mystery is revealed and all doors are opened. But even at the door you can miss. If you remain head-oriented you remain standing at the door, theorizing; or you may be standing at the door and poetizing, talking in poetry and singing.

I have heard that Mulla Nasruddin went once to a psychiatrist and said, “I am very puzzled; now do something! It has become impossible. Every night I have a recurrent dream that I am standing at a door and I am pushing and pushing and pushing. There is a sign on the door and I push and push to no end. Every night I wake up perspiring and the door never opens.”

The psychiatrist started to note whatsoever he was saying. After half an hour’s talk he asked, “Now tell me, Nasruddin, what is written on the door, on the sign?”

And Nasruddin said, “It says ‘Pull.’”

If “Pull” is written on the door then don’t go on pushing; otherwise you will have a recurrent dream, you will push eternally! And there is no problem at all: simply look at what is written on the door. Jesus says neither head nor heart is written on the door; it is beyond both.

So do one thing: go beyond. Neither fall a victim of logic, of intellect, nor become a victim of emotions, of sentimentality. The head is in the body and the heart is also in the body. Go beyond both. What is beyond? There is simple existence, you simply are.

Being is without any attributes. That simple “beingness” is dhyan, that simple “beingness” is meditation; and that is written on the door.

When you are a simple being, suddenly the door opens: not emotions, nor thoughts; no cloud around you, unclouded; no smoke around the flame, just the flame. You have entered.

.and what has not arisen in the heart of man I will give you.

Enough for today.