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Chapter 22: A Journey without End

I have done nothing to deserve your infinite love and compassion, and therefore no act of mine can be appropriate to express my gratitude towards you. I pray to you, my lord, please give me the strength to fight those ugly and inhuman people who, with the help of their brutal power, are dreaming of destroying you.

There are many things to be understood. One - the most fundamental - is that love is not deserved. There is no way to deserve it. It cannot be earned, you cannot do anything to be worthy of it. It is a sheer gift.

This is one of the reasons why love is so scarce in the world - because we are expecting that people should deserve it, only then can they get it. And it is something which is not a commodity. It is a value which is not of this world. You love someone, you cannot say why. You cannot answer, you can simply say “I love.” There is no rationality in it. So don’t feel in any way unworthy that you have not done anything active for me, yet my total love is there for you just to take.

This has to be remembered not only in relation to me; this has to become your deep insight into the very phenomenon of love. Love people not for any reason at all - just loving is so good, so beautiful, so intrinsically blissful that it is not a question whether the person who is loved deserves it or not. You are in love just like a raincloud - so full of rain, ready to shower. You cannot bother whether the rain falls on rocks or on the thirsty ground, it is not your concern. Your whole concern is, you are so full and overflowing that you have to share; otherwise it will be such a burden. The same thing that by sharing becomes bliss, can become a burden if it is not shared.

And always be grateful to the person who receives your love. Don’t expect him to be grateful - these are the wrong attitudes, this is how we have made this world loveless. We expect the loved person to be grateful, which is absolutely wrong, because he could have rejected your love. You have to be grateful that he received it, opened his heart, and was available to you. What more worthiness is needed?

As you are, to me, you deserve my love, my compassion. Just by being receptive, you have earned it. Just by being open, you have deserved it. And now you deserve it even more, because you are feeling grateful.

The second thing: you are concerned about my safety, about the people who want to destroy me. Your concern is natural, but remember one thing: however powerful the inhuman forces may be, however powerful the cruel, the ugly and the animal in man may be, it cannot destroy the higher values of life. It cannot destroy love, it cannot destroy compassion, it cannot destroy truth. It can destroy, at the most, the physical body.

Here with me, the basic lesson to be learned is that we are not bodies, that we are immortal souls. The house can be burned, the body can be burned, but the consciousness will remain unaffected.

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