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Chapter 13: The New Man: Intellect in Harmony with the Heart

For almost seven years I never told anybody, “I am no longer part of you.” Yes, a few people came to suspect - those who had the experience. One was Magga Baba, a very poor man, a beggar. He was the first to take hold of me - with both his hands he shook me - and he said, “You cannot befool me!”

I said, “I have not done anything.”

He said, “You haven’t done anything, that is true, but you have been someplace which you are hiding.”

I said, “That’s true, but please don’t tell anybody because I don’t want any harassment. I will get out of the bed, but I have not yet decided which foot is the right one to get out with.”

I am a lazy man, bone lazy. My physician, Doctor Devaraj, wants to give me Vitamin D because I am bone lazy. Calcium is missing he thinks - perhaps! But it has been tremendous; it is good that it was missing. If I had jumped out of bed, I would have been in the same mess as J. Krishnamurti. I got out of bed only when I had figured out everything completely. And since that moment I have been moving with every step calculated.

First I taught you about trust, the heart, feeling, love; and now I am teaching you about doubt, skepticism, reason, intellect, because I would like you to be a whole man. You can be completely satisfied with trusting, with the heart, but you will not be a whole man.

I would not call Mira a whole person, I would not call Ramakrishna a whole person. They are beautiful, but the intellect is missing; it is all heart. It is too much sugar, it creates diabetes. I am diabetic. Too much of the heart, too much sweetness, and you suffer from diabetes - and I don’t want any of you to suffer from diabetes. Yes, just living by the heart you will have spiritual diabetes. Intellect is salty, spicy; it is not all sugar.

I would like you to enjoy the wholeness of your being, when your body, your heart, your intellect all fall in tune. I have called that the new man - Zorba the Buddha.